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Broadcast Media

Channel 13 - World Diabetes Day

Below is a clip from Channel 13 News where Dr. Schillinger is featured.

  • cbs13.com - November 14, 2009

Dr. Dean Schillinger, Chief of the California Diabetes Program and Director of the Center for Vulnerable Populations was a speaker for World Diabetes Day, on November 14th, 2009 in Sacramento, CA.  This event was co-hosted by the California Diabetes Program and gathered a global and local community around diabetes prevention.

Radio Bilingüe - Living with Diabetes

Below are links to two shows conducted in Spanish (fast forward past the first 10 minutes of news/program updates).

  • archivosderb.org - June 18, 2009
  • archivosderb.org - July 23, 2009

Dr. Dean Schillinger was featured on the Radio Bilingüe program,  Linea Abierta, a non-profit radio network with Latino control and leadership that is the only national distributor of Spanish-language programming in public radio.  The shows featured a panel of patients sharing their experiences living with diabetes.  Dr. Schillinger discussed health promoting behaviors to prevent and control diabetes, the type 2 diabetes epidemic as it affects Latinos and effective tools to improve communication between doctors and diabetes patients. There was also a Q and A period at the end where callers joined the discussion from Merced, Bakersfield, Chicago, Washington State and other areas.


Radio Bilingüe - Innovative Communication Strategies

The interview can be viewed on the following link

  • nbcbayarea.com/

Drs. Schillinger and Handley were interviewed on a Bay Area-wide television program, Comunidad del Valle, which reaches a primarily English-speaking audience whose influence reaches large segments of the Latino community. The interview focused on the work at the Center for Vulnerable Populations that centers on innovative communication strategies between primary care centers and vulnerable populations in the community who don’t receive the information they need to manage chronic illnesses, due to such factors as limited literacy, language barriers and lack of health insurance.

The Agency for Health Related Quality Care - Challenges in a Safety-net Hospital

The Agency for Health Related Quality Care interviewed Dr. Dean Schillinger on his role as a practicing clinician at a safety net hospital (San Francisco General Hospital).  Dr. Schillinger discussed challenges in a safety-net hospital including limited literacy and non-English communication barriers. 

Forum with Michael Krasney - Diabetes Spike

  • Listen to the podcast
  • Download from KQED

Dr. Hilary Seligman made a guest interview appearance, on Forum with Michael Krasney, KQED Radio.  "Diabetes Spike."  November 10, 2008.